A Program Where Everyone Wins!

What is the LeasideLocal Program?

The LeasideLocal Program is a partnership between Leaside Life and Hope Factory designed to support community need and local Merchants. You spend local – they donate. When you shop, participating Merchants and supporting Boosters will donate to a worthy cause. In the past, we’ve supported the Leaside Toy Drive, the Thorncliffe Food Bank and the Canada-Ukraine Foundation. Our past campaigns have raised over $24,000!

See How It Works

First, Local Merchants, Booster Businesses and Customers (that's you!) all sign on to the Program.


Local Merchants each set an Offer that Customers can participate in by shopping locally. When a Customer spends the minimum Offer amount, the Merchant makes a donation to the Program Cause.


Other local businesses and services sign on to boost Merchant Offers by at least 100%. These Boosts increase the Customer’s overall impact, supporting the Program Cause even more.


Customers register their credit cards for the Program, and then shop at their favourite local shops – as they always do – but now in addition to supporting their local Merchants, they are also helping those in need in their Community, and around the world.

It's a Win, Win... Win!

Next, The Hope Factory works it's magic!

We could bore you with a lot of technical mumbo jumbo, but we'd rather you get out and shop! So, we'll just say that The Hope Factory is the platform that links the Customer's Credit Card to their purchases at Local Merchants, triggering the Boosts and making the donations possible. That's why enrolling in the Program is so important. If a Customer doesn't enroll their card, we can't link their purchase to the Merchant Offer. Don't worry - it's completely safe and secure.

About The Hope Factory

After a Customer shops at a Local Merchant, they can immediately see how their purchase made an impact.

Cue the warm fuzzies!

Then, the truly good stuff happens.

At the end of the Program, the Program Causes receive an equal split of the generous donations that an entire Community came together to generate – making a real, tangible impact in the world. All by simply shopping and supporting local Merchants and Businesses. (Is someone chopping onions?)

To recap....

Well, what are you waiting for?


Interested in being a Merchant or Booster? Contact us today!