Do You Operate A Leaside Business?

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to be part of an important local cause while measurably building sales and awareness with local consumers!

How It Works

1. Local Merchants Sign Up

  • Set a donation range
  • Choose a consumer offer to “unlock” a portion of the donation
  • When sales have unlocked your maximum donation, the offer will stop being available to consumers
  • LeasideLocal uses Visa and Mastercard platforms and does not require adjustments to your POS!

2. Booster Businesses Sign Up

Your donations will be increased with the additional contribution of “booster” businesses that want to support the initiative.

The greater impact of the donations will drive customer engagement at retail.

3. Customers Sign Up

Customers learn about the program in Leaside Life, from in-store POP, social media, and good ol’ word of mouth!

They register for the program and enroll the Visa or Mastercard they normally shop with.

They will also discover Merchant offers on our website and social media feeds.

Example Customer Experience

Merchant sets an Offer to encourage
increased average Customer purchase.

They Spend $80
You Donate $20

Booster Businesses increase
Merchant donation.

Boosters Donate $30
Total Donation is $50!

Our platform matches your Merchant ID to the Enrolled Credit Card

Enrolled customer
sees offer and
over $80
at the Merchant.

$50 is donated
to the current
LeasideLocal Cause(s).

Consumers will receive
immediate notification

of their donation impact by
shopping at your business.

Consumers can view their Transaction History as well as their Social Impact on their personal Dashboard.

Why Become a LeasideLocal Merchant?

Reach More Customers

Enrolled customers will be inclined to shop at local participating merchants.

Those Customers Spend More

Customers will “unlock” your donation when they spend a specific amount which we strategically set together.

Your Involvement Helps People + Communities In Need

Our successful campaigns have raised over $24,000 for local and international Causes!

Join Now

Fill out the form below with your email address, and we will reach out to set a time to meet at your convenience at your place of business or by Zoom.

We will seamlessly set you up on the LeasideLocal system as well as provide you with in-store/online collateral to help you and your staff promote the program to your customers and show them you support communities in need.